Thursday, June 7, 2007

Where is the defeatocRat outrage?????

Congressman William Jefferson, above, was charged with corruption this week and yet not a peep has been heard from the liberal main stream media. On Tuesday
the nine-term congressmen was hit with 16 federal charges accusing him of using his political office to bribe businessmen and influence foreign officials.
Where is all of the coverage? Not on NBC, CBS, ABC, New York Times or any other liberal media outlet. Only FoxNews was again brave enough to break a story that everyone else is ignoring. Only one Republican, Duke Cunningham, has been convicted of corruption, he admited he done wrong, but the left wing media hounded him so much he broke down in tears. Jefferson put half a million dollars in his freezer and no one is paying attention. Liberal media bias???


Cheney08 said...

Ohio, this is a great point. You are right on target in your criticism. I have written a post about this deafening silence as well. I think we all need to keep talking about this until the liberal media is not able to ignore it.

SafeTinspector said...

They showed it on CNN and FOX, and lampooned the schmuck on the Daily Show.

I don't watch any of the big broadcast networks for news. Those guys are worthless for anything other than fodder for satire..

Plus, the man is getting what he deserved, and occasionally the media gets more inflamed by what they see as "getting away" with it than by the actual crime, regardless of wether or not that is a good thing.

I don't think the media is smart enough to have an actual political bias. I think they have a "sensationalist" bias. Anyone who's wasted a day or two watching wall-to-wall coverage of some local maniac's wife dismemberment "news" when there's actually important crap going down should know that.

Cheney08 said...

"Anyone who's wasted a day or two watching wall-to-wall coverage of some local maniac's wife dismemberment "news" when there's actually important crap going down should know that."

Of course they only cover it if the guy is a republican. If he is a democrat, it's not news, according to the "guardians of our discourse."

leglessliberalvet said...

Actually it's been on all the networks and in all the major news publications. But, I suppose you Ohio Neocon and Cheney08 think that it should be covered 24 hours a day with no other news at all. You fascists should look in the mirror.

American Scot said...

How would you know it wasn't on the other news outlets? (By the way it was) You're too busy watching Faux News to know!
Seems to me that the so called "liberal media" was plenty busy worrying about a blowjob. While on the other hand they seemed to have missed the fact that Bushco had us mired in a mess beyond repair, until last fall, when the voters of this nation pointed out the failure!
You kill me! Your ignorance is par exellence! (That's some of that dreaded French)

Ohio Neocon said...

Legless, Scot, Inspector,

A few clarifications:

1) I know what is on the other media outlets because i get emails of the top stories.

2) This story has not gotten the coverage that the "Republican" scandals did, not that they were real scandals.

3) The defeatocRat victory in 06 was not a message about Bush or the war, rather it was a carefully orchestrated coup by the liberal media. If people were saying that they wanted to end the war in Iraq, why did Connecticut reelect Joe Lieberman, a Democrat, who stood up with Bush and told the world that we will not let the terrorists win??????

Cheney 08,

again you are the voice of calm and reason in this storm of liberal loonacy. Thank you for your kind words.

k-mad said...

It's so much fun to rant without bothering to look into those always annoying "facts," isn't it?

I'm sure there are plenty of other examples out there, it took me about three minutes to find these. Next time, or maybe just once before you die, do your homework before you run your mouths.

A couple of other points before I go:

1. William Jefferson is a lying piece of s#i+ who deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail. Is that enough outrage for you?

2. I won't leave an anonymous death threat here like one of your cronies did on my blog, but in case you're wondering why you're no longer welcome there, now you know.

Ohio Neocon said...

The Nation? Dailykos? Mother Jones???? None of the above mentioned links are legitimate news organizations. They have all promote a liberal agenda. And you expect me to believe that nonsense?

Also, I have never, nor do I condone death threats.

k-mad said...

Forgive me if by "liberal media outlet" I took you to mean liberals who write in the media. If you are waiting for anybody at CNN or NYT to get a clue, get in line, I'm right there with you.

k-mad said...

Though for what it's worth: six items on Jefferson in the NYT in the past few days -- three before your post, so I can't hold those against your observation, but three before, including one June 5th quoting several constituents and former supporters suggesting that he should resign. So yes, the story is being covered. You just gotta keep an eye open.

k-mad said...

Three before and three since, that should have read...

Ohio Neocon said...


They're may have been a few brief mentions in each of those media, however unlike the Republican "scandals" Jefferson is not on the front page of every major newspaper and the top story on every news outlet on tv every day. Instead it is just an aside on page A23.